Thursday, April 30, 2009

Living Mobile and Sustainable

Two friends of mine presented this idea to me which at first sounded pretty out there, but the more thought I put into it the more I realized this is so perfect for how I would like to live my life. The idea is converting an old school bus into a mobile living quarters. A. I love roadtrips and seeing the country, B. I love meeting new people, and C. I love freedom! All signs in this adventure are pointing me to "go for it." The goal now is not to plan for a new job, or plan on how to move to a different location, but rather plan for sustainability and after that the possibilities seem endless. Here is a really good link i found on Jake's School Bus Conversion Project which really breaks down all the pieces that this particular Bus Resident went through on his journey into mobility. 9 to 5's and retirement...bleeehh. The most secure feeling is learning how to take care of yourself and live the life you want to live because it all goes by much to fast to waste on fitting a mold that your going to regret in the end.

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