Wednesday, May 20, 2009

books on the brain

It started out as one thing, then turned into another, and now looks like its headed for another. Change is good. I'm open to letting the art evolve and show me things i wouldn't have seen in the beginning about where it can go. It's a process and right now my process is to let happen what happens and try not to resist it. I'm in this new studio space which i am loving shared with my friend Pat Blake and 4 others i have yet to spend much time with but am planning on having a first full group work night tomorrow which i am very excited about. Pat and myself have started collecting a whole bunch of different materials to work with and are experimenting around the stuff to see what we enjoy using and what works good for us. So far the book thing seems to be what i've been spending alot of time working with as well as elaborating on some stencil design work. My first idea with the current book project was to do an arch of books inspired some of Andy Goldsworthy's stacked stone arches. After gluing together about 7 books to form the arch I was just not as impressed as what i had seen in my head and decided to go bigger. My current goal with the book arch is to take the arch full circle and repeat this with 8 or 10 layers of book circles which i then plan on stacking on top of each other to make a very tall book totem pole. I'm anticipating this being quite an undertaking, but i also envision it to give me much more satisfaction in the end. Pushing your personal boundaries seems to be the best way to learn things about yourself that you might have missed otherwise. The pictures i have posted for it really don't show the magnitude of where i am hoping this goes but will at least hopefully give with a little bit of imagination a look at where its headed. Again, i will keep adding new posts to track the progress as it gets built. Enjoy!

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