Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Draw, Cut, Spray, Voila!

These are from a series of stencil art prints that i had created a bit ago featuring Lou Reed, Tom Waits, and James Dean. There were plenty of other pop icons that i have made stencils of, but these three were the survivors that stayed in my collection. Stencil Art is one of those tedious, time consuming, no room for error techniques that produce very rewarding and renewable outcomes. Everyone who creates stencils has their own approach and tricks they use to produce the style they are aiming for. Here is a link to a video I found that shows a pretty basic technique that seems very straight forward and easy to follow for any graffiti enthusiasts out there. how to create a stencil. Probably one the most respected artists out there who is creating stencil art is Banksy. This guy makes some really amazing work that has a real comedic reflection on the state of the world. I plan on getting back on the stencil wagon at some point, but as anyone with a lot of creative interests can tell you finding the time to persue and create all the ideas that are in your head just takes time so i try to get as many of them out while the inspiration is present.

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