Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Money Shirt

It all started when from some harmless web browsing and seeing what new interesting sites stumbleupon was recommending to me. Clicking on the Stumble! Firefox toolbar link a site came up that simply stated The Shirt and immediately i knew i had to try to make this, which is a common reaction of mine when presented with something fascinating to me. Some of the folds were a bit tricky but within minutes i had my own miniature collared shirt which moments before had only one common purpose and now took on a new life of its own. As the day progressed many thoughts crossed my mind as to what i would like to do with my newly acquired bit of goodness. I haven't tried much trick photography in my life but the idea of making it look like people were actually wearing this money shirt sounded like a lot of fun. Having an iPhone has served as a handy companion in many instances of me needing to capture a moment of inspiration and that is what the provided pictures are a result of. Featured are some co-workers of mine who were the first subjects willing to try out the experiment. Also featured are a few of my philly friends who are fellow artists and bloggers Pat Blake, Dustin Kellogg, Meredith Frantz Kellogg, and Ben Webb. Here is a link to the site that shows you step by step how to make your own money shirt, enjoy!

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Pia Roselle Panaligan said...

hahahahahaha love it!!! showin' the man what you really do with that moneyzzzzz!!!!